Maximize Savings

As a health care consumer, it’s important that you receive quality care and treatment and also minimize your costs—such as paycheck contributions and out-of-pocket costs—when you use your medical plan. The information and tools below can help you manage your costs as you choose and use care throughout the year.

Health Care Costs and You

Why Health Care Costs Are Rising. The complexity and increasing cost of health care is a national problem affecting companies of all sizes—and this crisis has no simple solution. Learn more.

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Health-Saving Tips

  • Take charge of your health. Use the preventive services and condition management programs offered by your health plan to help you stay healthy and obtain more effective care. Use the health assessment that is offered through the Healthy Lifestyles Program to understand your health risks, and make a commitment to stay healthy and live a healthier lifestyle. Learn more.
  • Work with your doctor to manage your prescription drug costs. When your doctor is prescribing a medication, always ask if there’s a less expensive option available—such as a generic drug, a 90-day maintenance prescription or an over-the-counter alternative that doesn’t require a prescription. For details on Nortel’s prescription drug plan, see Another Web site with information about drug costs is Learn more.
  • Understand how to read and question items on bills. Always know what you’re paying for and question any charges that you don’t understand or that may not be appropriate. Learn more.
  • Choose the right amount of coverage. Buying more coverage than you need costs you more money. Before you enroll for your 2013 benefits this fall, be sure to use the tools Nortel will provide to help you find the most cost-effective health care option for you, based on the way you and your eligible dependents actually use health care.