Enrollment Dates

Know What You Need to Do—and When

Your annual enrollment period is from November 9 through November 21, 2012. Mark these important dates on your calendar!

Date What It Means to You
November 9
Enrollment begins. It’s time to make the best benefits decision for you! If you haven’t already, review your enrollment overview guide and use this site to learn about the 2013 benefits changes, evaluate your choices and see which benefits best fit your personal situation. Then use the mail or fax instructions and enroll!
November 21
Enrollment ends.In order to make any changes to your current coverage, you must enroll by this date. If you don’t enroll by this date, you (and any covered dependents) will be assigned your current coverage as “default coverage.” This means that your current coverage elections, along with any applicable plan changes, will continue at 2013 costs. If your spouse/domestic partner is enrolled in medical benefits under the Nortel plan, the Spousal Access Fee will automatically be applied if you default your coverage elections.

Confirmation statements will be mailed to employees homes after the enrollment period.

January 1, 2013
Your 2013 benefits choices take effect. You can only change your benefits during the plan year if you experience a qualified status change. Click here for information on qualified status changes.

If you’ll be away during the enrollment period, you must contact HR Shared Services before the end of the enrollment period to make alternate arrangements for your enrollment.

If You Don’t Enroll

If you don’t enroll by November 21, you and any covered dependents will be assigned default coverage. This means that you’ll automatically be enrolled in your current coverage at your current coverage level (that is, with the same covered dependents—unless a dependent is no longer eligible), at 2013 prices.

This default coverage may not meet your and your family’s needs for 2013. So it’s important that you enroll during the annual enrollment period and choose the benefits that are right for you and your family.

If you have any Benefits Credits remaining after you are assigned default coverage, they will be paid to you as taxable pay throughout 2013.

Important Reminder! If your spouse/domestic partner is currently covered under your Nortel medical plan, you will automatically be charged the spousal/domestic partner access fee of $50 each pay period in 2013  unless you recertify during this annual enrollment period that your spouse/domestic partner does not have access to employer-provided medical coverage elsewhere.