Dental, Vision and Hearing Care Plan


To receive coverage for the Dental/Vision/Hearing Care Plan, you must actively enroll, as this is an optional benefit. When enrolled in the plan, your coverage is bundled together as a package (i.e., if you only need dental coverage, you’ll still automatically receive benefits for vision and hearing care as part of the package).

If you do not enroll for 2013, your coverage will default to the same coverage you had in 2012.

You can choose from the following two coverage options:

  • Comprehensive option
  • Plus option

Keep in mind that there is only one vision plan—the Select option—so your vision coverage is the same whether you choose the Comprehensive or Plus dental/vision/hearing care option.

Your Costs

Here’s a look at your biweekly before-tax contributions for the dental/vision/hearing care plan options for 2013:

2013 Dental/Vision/Hearing Care Plan Costs
Comprehensive Option Plus Option
You Only $5.43 $10.93
You + Children $10.98 $22.01
You + Spouse $11.11 $22.16
You + Family $16.69 $33.25

For more information about Dental, Vision and Hearing Care coverage, review the Summary of Health Benefits.