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It’s a fact: People who are informed about their health plan and available treatment options often have better health care outcomes than people who aren’t. To get the most effective care, you need to understand the resources available to you, know how to find the best providers, and be prepared to take charge of your care.

Taking Charge

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Visit the Healthy Lifestyles Program to get comprehensive information on:

  • Weight Management,
  • Prescription Drugs,
  • Pregnancy & Postpartum,
  • Men’s Health,
  • Women’s Health,
  • Family Health,
  • Senior Health,
  • Alternative Therapies, and
  • Miscellaneous Conditions.

From the Healthy Lifestyles home page, choose the “Explore Health” tab and then choose the “Articles” link. You’ll be taken to the Library page, where you can click on the “Dealing With Medical Conditions,” “General Health” or “Improving Nutrition” links to bring up a list of common health topics.